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PinkPantheress details heartbreak in new album


With her second major album, “Heaven Knows,” Vicky Walker, also known as PinkPantheress, speaks to feelings of love, death and betrayal. The frequent references to dying make the album seem like an out-of-body experience for Walker rather than a typical album of love and loss.

The first track, “Another life (feat. Rema),” paints Walker as a hopeless romantic, always giving but never receiving unconditional love. “Another life” begins with Walker trying to piece together why her love interest hasn’t responded to her. 

The lyrics “Are you sleepin’? Because it’s been so long. Guess you died today?” imply Walker has been abandoned by her love interest. By repeating “Guess I’ll see you in another life,” she shows she’s hopeful, and perhaps desperate, to see her other half again, as unlikely as it may seem. 

Two songs later, Walker plays the role of the deceased lover in “Mosquito.” Her chorus, “’Cause I just had a dream I was dead. And I only cared ‘cause I was taken from you,” exemplifies Walker’s passion for her lover. Her delicate vocals, high-tempo breakbeat sampling and perky, plucky melody remain true to her iconic style.

The start of “Ophelia” includes what sounds like a lute, which matches with the Shakespeare-esque name. In the play “Hamlet,” Ophelia and Prince Hamlet are in love. Due to Hamlet’s actions, Ophelia is driven insane and ends up drowning, tangled in her dress. Walker relates to Ophelia, possibly feeling crazed, suffocated or sinking in her own way. She asks the listener the rhetorical question, “So tell me, what did I do to deserve you killin’ me this way?” 

Walker may have survived her love interest metaphorically killing her, but she refuses to believe the betrayal she experienced. She explains her confusion with the lyrics, “I can’t believe I’m still alive, but I don’t know if I’m sure now.”

The penultimate track, “Capable of love,” best serves as the album’s conclusion. Walker acknowledges the hardships she and her lover faced, saying, “But they don’t know the long distance we went. The one that we’ll put behind us now that we’re more than friends.” 

She confides to the listener that she’s scared of losing her love because she may never find one just like it. She sings, “I’m obsessed with the idea that one day it breaks up. ‘Cause after that, I know I’ll never be as capable of love after you.”

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