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Modern news must be digital


Many of us fell into the social media trap, spending hours every day scrolling on social media

However, millennials consumed news how the past generations did: television and sometimes the radio.

Generation Alpha mostly gets its news from social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google and more.

 It is a good thing that technology itself has advanced. 

 One benefit of the new media is easy access to news. People watch the news from everywhere and anywhere.

 Research shows only 5% of U.S. adults prefer written news outlets, while the other 95% prefer digital devices, television, or radio over newspapers according to the Pew Research Center. However, news as media is not going away because of its swap to online platforms.

I would say having many news platforms would be a good thing so people cannot be left in the dark about anything. But many different people on social media can easily lie about anything. 

Thankfully, we have moderators to help with social media. Moderators filter social media platforms by hiding inappropriate and obscene material. Moderators also work for different networks.

The media influences the younger generation negatively to the point where they will believe their favorite influencer over a professional news station. 

Celebrities giving their opinions on certain matters, gives people a warped reality of situations. Social media allows people to live a lie.

According to ABC news, the average teen spends about seven hours and 50 minutes daily looking at their phone. 

As society moves to a more digital environment, news outlets should also try to move to the digital space.

It’s more important to consider whether the information you consume on social media is factual and accurate. 

If you feel trapped by media, it’s okay, you’re not alone. However, if the information you’re consuming is not helping you, then I would reevaluate what you are consuming and where you get that information from. 

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