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You don’t need college to be successful

Most students I graduated with chose not to go to a four-year college but instead to trade schools or two-year colleges.

More and more high school graduates are choosing not to attend four-year colleges. Upcoming  students face various financial difficulties, which has contributed to the decline of college enrollment. 

Most degrees have become oversaturated in the current job market. Graduates are finding less time to go to school, and blue-collar workers are becoming rarer.

According to the Gates Foundation, prices for the traditional four-year college, including room, meal plan, tuition and random fees, have increased by 180% since 1980. Certain degrees require extra fees added on top of all the regular costs.

 It’s no wonder why some high school graduates do not want to go to a four-year college.

Tons of people with the same degree make the job market highly competitive. According to Forbes, four-year college graduates have been supplied at a much higher rate than needed. Graduates are forced to find jobs in lower-skilled lines of work. Many want to pursue a degree in a particularly field, resulting in highly competitive jobs. College degrees do not help you stand out to other employers, making a four-year college particularly stressful and potentially not worth it to high school graduates.

 Trade schools cost less, offer more hands-on jobs and experiences, and pay extremely well. There is a growing need for blue-collar workers, and these trade schools are begging for students to come in and learn a trade.

 According to, 65% of durable goods manufacturing jobs must be fulfilled.

Attending a four-year college is no more of an achievement for graduates than a two-year college.  

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