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Stanley cups do not deserve the hype


With the viral Stanley cup, everybody on social media became obsessed with the reusable water bottle brand. Because of all the attention, consumers have fought over limited-edition cups and bought out stores.

Stanley cups are overrated, so why is everyone buying Stanleys? In recent years, the company expanded its signature line of green drinkware to a “limitless array of colors, designs, and collaborations,” according to CNN. Marketing geared towards women over various social media platforms has contributed to the cup’s popularity.

It would be common sense to have a cup or two on hand since Stanleys are of such high quality. The cups keep beverages cold for extended periods, making them very convenient for those who want to stay hydrated.

However, these cups took over people’s social media feeds—and their cabinets—by storm. On social media, users showcased their amassed dozens of cups, never to be used, and bought useless accessories for them.

Maurie Cohen, a professor of sustainability studies at the New Jersey Institute of Technology,  calls the phenomenon a “reminder of how trapped we are in the persuasive logic of style-driven consumerism.” If people keep buying new bottles, the energy and resources it takes to produce Stanleys will counteract the environmental benefit. After the craze ends, most will purge Stanleys from their homes, ending with ever-growing piles of cups in landfills.

Reusable water bottles don’t need to be a trend. We should do better for our environment and stop purchasing more than one or two of these reusable water bottles. Let Stanleys serve their purpose rather than collecting them to have the whole rainbow. Don’t let the hype lead you to having 10 cups in your cabinet collecting dust.

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