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‘Dune: Part Two’ immerses audience in cinema


Frank Hebert published his most famous novel in 1965, “Dune,” which was expanded upon with five more books. Nearly 60 years later, Warner Bros. Pictures released “Dune: Part Two” on March 1, a spectacle for viewers due to its excellent production.

In “Dune: Part Two,” Paul learns the Fremen ways and slowly convinces the native people that he is the messiah who will free them from the emperor’s tight grasp. Wanting to get revenge against the Harkonnens for eradicating House Atreides as well as the corruption of Arrakis, Paul accepts his role as the Lisan al Gaib. He then begins to rage war against the empire with the Fremen people fighting at his side.

“Dune: Part One” focused more on the fall of House Atreides, while “Dune: Part Two” centers around intense action sequences. Most of the movie focuses on Paul and the Fremen people planning battle strategies and attacking the Harkonnen’s spice machines.

Because “Dune: Part Two” was 2 hours and 46 minutes long, Denis Villaneuve carefully sculpts Paul’s character development, so it did not feel rushed.

The CGI in this film is also absolutely breathtaking. The sight of massive sand clouds spiraling towards unsuspecting characters at mind-breaking speeds is scary in itself. However, once the sandworm breaks free from the desert surface, revealing a gaping mouth with thousands of razor-sharp teeth it becomes absolutely terrifying.

The sound design made it feel as if the viewer is a Fremen riding along with Paul and Chani in a quest for revenge. The earth-shattering rumbling of a sandworm racing towards its prey forces viewers to feel the same fear and dread as the characters.

The star-studded cast of “Dune Part Two” brings the conflict on Arrakis to life.

Timothee Chalamet plays the boyish yet cold Paul Atreides exceptionally well, and Zendaya embodies the role of Chani, his love interest. They have great on-screen chemistry that is so rare to find in many recent films.

Austin Butler plays the completely hairless and black-eyed Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. Feyd-Rautha is a fierce and psychotic character which is different than his traditionally attractive characters. Butler does an amazing job capturing the eeriness of a Harkonnen.

While she rarely appears on screen, Florence Pugh plays the emperor’s daughter, Princess Irulan with a dignity. Pugh typically performs serious roles, such as Amy March in “Little Women” and Alice in “Don’t Worry Darling.” 

“Dune: Part Two” is an entertaining combination of CGI, sound effect, costumes and amazing acting. The dedication put into the film allows viewers to get sucked in and become part of an unknown and exciting world.

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