A monster we’ve created (Hawkeye P.O.V.)

ULM Hawkeye

This week’s discussion will be about the mess that is Char­lie Sheen. Why exactly does the Hawkeye have a point of view on Mr. Sheen, you may be ask­ing. We don’t. We have a point of view on why everyone is so fasci­nated with his life.

Society has become so con­sumed with the life of the drama and misfortunes of the rich and famous.

Is it our [and by our, we mean society] fault that Sheen likes to beat up on his wife and then hang out with strippers? Of course not.

But, is it our [and again, we mean society] fault that we con­tinue to give him more publicity.

TMZ, a website that needs to get a hobby besides stalking ce­lebrities, will post a video of Sheen, and any other celebrity for that matter, that shows them going off the deep end.

Instead of just ignor­ing it, we must sim­ply have to put it on our Facebook wall and share it with the 1,000 “friends” we have accumulated over the past couple of weeks.

Not too long ago, we ran an ed­itorial that blamed US for keeping these celebrities in the news. Not the collec­tive us, but the magazine US. Well, now it’s time to blame the collective us.

Are our lives so dull and unfilling that we must anx­iously wait at our computers to see when a celeb screws up big time?

There is an old-time saying that “no publicity is bad public­ity.” By watching, posting and commenting on a mess of a ce­lebrity, we are giving them the satisfaction of staying in the limelight.

It seems like some celebrities can do way too many drugs and still have the number one show on CBS.

It’s finally springtime, and time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and bird’s chirping. But instead, we’d rather sit inside and watch the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

The collective “us” at the Hawkeye would like to ask every­one to get outside, enjoy your life and stop paying so much atten­tion to Charlie Sheen’s.