Students earn amateur radio licenses

ULM Hawkeye

Computer Science students at ULM earned amateur radio li­censes during the two-day “Ham­Cram” session March 4-5.

Rachel Downs, Terri O’Banion and Aaron Miyahira were taught and tested by written exams the basics of amateur radios, electric­ity, electrical circuits, radio wave propagation, antennas, radio op­erating regulations and electrical and mechanical safety.

The United States Federal Com­munications Commission issues amateur radio licenses to those who pass the technician, gener­al or extra class examination. Stu­dents will receive a paper copy of their license in March.

After their licenses appear in the U.S.F.C.C online Universal Li­cense System, the students will be able to use available radio fre­quencies to transmit to licensed technicians.

Paul D. Wiedemeier, ULM As­sistant Professor of Computer Sci­ence, holds the general class ama­teur radio license KE5LKY and at­tended the sessions to support the students.

“I am very proud of Rachel, Ter­ri and Aaron for their accomplish­ment and commitment to provid­ing communication services dur­ing times of emergency and natu­ral disasters,” said Wiedemeier.