new Author: Andrea Sherman – Up ‘til Dawn reaches new heights as it raises money for St. Jude

ULM Hawkeye

Pay to Shave event ends with 1 shaved head

ULM’s Up ‘til Dawn, or UTD, Ex­ecutive Board is on a mission this year.

Not only are they ranked higher than LSU in raising funds, but they are also first in the region made up of colleges from Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Letter sending is the biggest fund raising event of the year. Par­ticipants send letters to anyone they can think of to get donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

This year there were more than 250 letter senders in attendance.

The event itself would have cost over $5,000, but with the spon­sorships the or­ganization re­ceived, the final price was cut down to about $300.

“I’m proud of the group’s growth over the past few years. It’s been really ex­citing to see students get more in­volved in such a worthy cause, es­pecially with the state of the econ­omy,” said Laura Knotts, UTD’s advisor.

UTD’s very own Advocacy Chairperson Sunny Diaz, a soph­omore English/Spanish Ma­jor, shaved her head April 4 after reaching her goal of $700 in the Pay to Shave event.

“The people who donated gave more than I did. I just got a free haircut,” said Diaz.

Other participants, such as Anna Hill and Coach Todd Ber­ry didn’t meet their goals but still raised a good amount for the fundraiser.

The Executive Board recent­ly entered a contest in which they produced a video showcasing their fund raising efforts.

The school that receives the most votes on its video wins 10 new Apple iMac computers.

Things are on the up and up for ULM’s UTD Executive Board, but the year isn’t over yet.

There is still one more event to look forward to this year called Captured for a Cure on April 14- 15.