HAWKEYE P.O.V. – Picking a side requires being “in the know”

ULM Hawkeye

The topic of many conversa­tions lately have been about the referendum the Student Gov­ernment is attempting to pass, the Hawkeye wanted to shed our point of view on the matter as well.

It seems like all the members of the Hawkeye have very differ­ent opinions and views on if the referendum should be passed or not, we do collectively agree on one thing: students need to know about what it is before they vote.

This week’s edition of the pa­per features both an in-depth interview (page 3) and a letter to the editor from the SGA pres­ident (page 7).

While conducting the inter­view in order to write the sto­ry, it seemed like the Hawkeye could not find many students who knew exactly what the ref­erendum was about, and why they should, or should not, vote yes. Many students get upset when a new fee is implemented, because of the already high cost of school already.

However, before you shoot down the referendum, please be sure to intently look over the articles featured in this edition and make a wise decision. Our university is in need of a student body that is conscious of what is going on and voting for things that will better help our univer­sity grow.