Letter to the Editor – What the referendum means for students

ULM Hawkeye

That is the message being spread around campus in regards to SGA’s forum last week during Spring Fever and the ref­erendum campaign push that’s underway.

The ULM Student Government Associ­ation is dedicated to serving the best in­terests of the student body, and the pro­posed referendum is designed to support both our student body and the university-at-large.

A referendum is simply a direct vote in which an entire body is asked to either ac­cept or reject a proposal.

Most students get the opportuni­ty to vote on referendums at least once throughout their college careers.

From funding the Campus Activities Board, Student Union Building and Activ­ity Center to supporting our Spirit Groups, Theatre, multi-national championship water-ski team and the Student Success Center, referendums do so much for our university.

If it weren’t for referendums for student fees, things like Spring Fever, free student admission to athletic events and access to the Activity Center wouldn’t be possible.

Thankfully, students decided years ago that they wanted to invest in their univer­sity and make it a better place for their successors.

On Wednesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 14, 2011, SGA’s annual spring elec­tions will be held online at www.ulm.edu/ vote.

This year’s ballot includes senatorial candidates for each college, SGA officer candidates and also a referendum.

Therefore, not only is this election im­portant for SGA and the candidates run­ning, but for all students because the op­portunity to invest in this university and make it a better place is in their hands

Since October, we have spent extra time in Senate meetings in discussions and debates.

We have put hours upon hours in at the SGA office crunching numbers and writing policy, and held numer­ous meeting with our administra­tion to bring forth a proposal that we feel is in line with our mission: to bring forth a measure deemed beneficial to the student body.

This year’s Senate has worked really hard to write this propos­al, and we encourage everyone to visit the election link and view the proposed referendum to see what exciting things it brings to our student body.

The SGA’s stance on the refer­endum is this: We believe that a re-structuring is needed to accommo­date our part-time students because in the same manner students should have to pay for what they get; they should not have to pay for what they don’t get.

We believe that Athletics is the face of our university and deserves the appropri­ate funding to represent us in the manner it deserves.

We believe that Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) is a huge asset to ULM and is essential in the recruiting of students and promotion of our University.

And lastly, we believe that this campus needs to be continually upgraded physical­ly to enhance its esthetic beauty and pro­vide mod­ern facili­ties for the stu­dents, and that this ref­erendum should be decided upon by the students.

Whether you’re a first time freshman or graduating senior, the outcome of this ref­erendum affects you.

When we come back for Homecoming in five, 10 and 20 years from now, we should all want our university to be valued 5, 10, and 20 times higher than the day you walk across the stage at Fant-Ew­ing.

This referendum is designed to add val­ue and accomplish just that.

– Student Government Association