ULM Hawkeye

The referendum the Student Government attempted to pass last week sure did spark a good bit of talk among students and the community. Not all talk was posi­tive; it just depended on who you talked to.

After reading countless Face­book posts, statuses and com­ments left on websites where a story was posted about the refer­endum, it is apparent that not ev­eryone was as gung ho about a fee increase as the SGA was.

Now, we know there is not just one factor for it getting rejected. It just seems like the money was go­ing to be unfairly divided.

Yes, athletics are the face of ev­ery university, and it is true that our Warhawks pull in more mon­ey then any other group on cam­pus.

It goes without saying that The Hawkeye staff does understand what the SGA wanted to accom­plish by proposing this referen­dum. It’s admirable that they are, as the president said, “It’s obvious now that the state isn’t going to invest in our university, so we are asking our students to.”

But the $1.8 million that the athletic department would have received is a huge difference than the measly $20,000 for VAPA.

I f the SGA wants to try the ref­erendum again, things should be more fairly divided among groups. ULM doesn’t just need people to be recruited here to play a sport; we also need theater majors, artists, painters, sculp­tors, singers, dancers and design­ers.

Just think of how beautiful campus would be with student-produced art.