ULM Hawkeye

The past few weeks have shown that people have strong feelings over the natatorium issue, and people should have those strong feelings.

Rarely does an issue arise that affects every single person on campus. Rarer still is when that same issue also stretches to members of the Monroe community. The natatorium has become one of those issues.

A similar wide-sweeping issue arose last spring with the fee restructuring referendum. The Hawkeye was able to present the issue to the students in an unbiased manner and allow them to make an informed decision about what they were voting on.

The students’ voices were heard, and the referendum failed.

It is our job to cover the natatorium story to the fullest amount of coverage we can give it, and we will. The Dec. 1 deadline to make a decision will be upon us before we know it, but when that time comes, the readers of this publication will be well informed about what students will be voting on.

Every meeting about the natatorium will be covered by this newspaper. All the facts that can be gathered will be gathered and presented to you, the students. We couldn’t call ourselves a newspaper if we didn’t give you the facts to decide for yourselves what you want done about your pool.

Letters like the one published this week are more than welcome in this newspaper. If you disagree with Ashley, we encourage a response letter. If you agree with the letter, write another letter showing support for the issue.

If you want to buy ad space to prominently display your opinion like one group has done, we can definitely help you out there, too. We don’t discriminate.

A newspaper is supposed to be about the free exchange of ideas and discussion. Thank God for the First Amendment.

An issue as important as the potential closure of the natatorium should be discussed freely and openly. The Hawkeye is your forum to have your voice heard.

The Hawkeye is not yet ready to take an official stance on the matter because we do not feel that all of the facts and issues have been brought to light. We are extremely fortunate that we are in a position to hear all of the concerns and issues that people from all sides may present so that we can make an informed decision when we do decide. It is our job to know these things.

So much is in the air on this issue. As we find things out, we’ll pass them along to you. It’s our job, and we will be around for the duration of this discussion.

We aren’t going anywhere.