Correction – Papa John’s to take Flex Dollars, not Warhawk Express

ULM Hawkeye

In last week’s edition of the Hawkeye, it was reported that the Papa John’s pizza restaurant on Louisville will take Flex Dollars and Warhawk Express. That information is not accurate.

The Papa John’s will take Flex Dollars but not Warhawk Express. An official date for the beginning of the service has yet to be determined.

Mike Trevathan, coordinator of auxillary enterprises, said that Papa John’s has the equipment to read the cards but the store has not contacted his office to begin service.

Flex Dollars’ declining-balance funds are tied into student meal plans for use at various locations both on and off campus.

Warhawk Express works like a stored-value card. Usually funds from financial aid or student and parent contributions. These purchases are recorded on fee bills.