ULM Hawkeye

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, the country experienced an overwhelming sense of unity among its citizens. When the unimaginable happened, the country came together to show its united front.

Ten years later that unity has eroded to perhaps its lowest level since the Civil War. Extreme polarity in the political spectrum from the nation’s party leaders have left us all bitter and angry, both with our leaders and with each other.

It’s high time we start working toward some unity again. That doesn’t mean give in on your beliefs or allow people to walk all over you. But it does mean that we need to start compromising to solve our problems.

In a nation as diverse and divided as we are right now, no one is going to get everything they want. And really, no one should get it all.

The system is not set up for absolutes. Our nation has thrived because of our ability to work out our issues and find common ground. We need to get back to these compromises.

Something has got to give soon, or we could be in serious trouble. The financial problems that are plaguing us are very serious. Our generation needs to start taking them seriously.

How many people do you know that graduated from college only to face unemployment? How many of you are staring the same problem in the face right now? It’s time to wake up and start caring.

No, maybe the economy isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it matters to serious people. Guess what folks, we are adults now, and we have to start caring about these things.

It’s election season. Start demanding from your leaders they start working together, or send them packing and elect someone who will. Absolutists in our government will be our undoing.

When you turned 18, you didn’t just earn the right to buy a pack of cigarettes or the right to enter bars; you also earned the right to vote. Start using that right and excersie the power you have, the power of being an American.

When the tribute concerts are over and the rememberance speeches are done, let’s remember the spirit of unity we felt that day 10 years ago. Then, let’s use it to get our nation, and our lives, back on track.