ULM Hawkeye

When the enrollment numbers for this semester were first released, this editorial board felt the administration had put so much spin on them that we would be sick from the dizziness.

The numbers reflected a drop of about 350 students, but we were made to believe this was a good thing. Or rather, we were headed in the right direction as a university.

After the initial skepticism had passed and the investigation began, it turns out that maybe we are headed in the right direction.

Yes, overall numbers are down. But the losses come mostly from part-time students.

And it should be noted that we cannot forget these students either.

Chances are they have it harder than the average student. They are part-timers for a reason, and chances are its because live has gotten in the way.

All other enrollment categories are up. Full-time students, firsttime freshman, graduate students, doctoral students and international students all reflect higher numbers than at this time last year. This is a good thing.

In order to be successful and survive as an institution in the bitter higher education climate Baton Rouge has created, we have to constantly be improving.

While certain members of government are playing politics with our lives and our educations here in Louisiana, we have to be the best university we can be, so enemies of higher education can have as little ammunition as possible.

Nothing is off limits to some of these people. Just ask UNO and Southern-New Orleans how they feel about the direction education is taking in this state.

The move by the University to actively target students that can perform at higher levels will make our foundation stronger. A continued influx of brighter and brighter students will translate to a stronger institution.

Similarly, we have an opportunity to strenthen our school while we are here. We should approach each day as a chance to excel in the classrooms, playing fields or whereever we have the chance to shine.

Let us strive toward the excellence we know we possess so that when we do graduate, we can hold our heads high as ULM alumns.