LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Students shouldn’t have to pay for pools they don’t even use

ULM Hawkeye

I believe that the majority of the general public is misinformed regarding the situation with the natatorium.

The majority of students at ULM do not use the natatorium, and I strongly believe that students shouldn’t have to bear the expenses of something they do not utilize. I have discussed with several students their opinion on the issue and they strongly supported the closing of the natatorium if we could use the space for more practical purposes.

These same people also liked the idea of trying to get a new swimming pool that would be better suited for relaxation and social activities instead of a pool that serves just as a competition and exercise pool like the one we have now (especially since it is in need of costly repairs).

I believe that once the students of ULM and the community of Monroe see the plans and the possibilities of what could be built here on campus, there will be strong support of closing the current pool and adding anew.

These new plans and renovations will be another huge step in enhancing ULM and making it one of the premier universities in Louisiana.

Clint Branton

Sterlington, La.