ULM Hawkeye

This weekend’s gay pride event was a landmark achievement for equality in one of the most conservative places in the country. For North La. to have an event like this is truly a giant step toward acceptance for all people, no matter who they love.

For years, more progressive parts of the country have opened their arms to the gay community, and we applaud them for it. They have shown the world they accept people for who they are.

Other places, however, have tried to make it abundantly clear that homosexuals are not welcome. Until this weekend, North La. was unquestionably one of those places.

But the gay community stood up for themselves and said, “Nope. Not anymore.” They have every right to live freely and be happy just as the heterosexuals do, even here in the Deep South.

Good for them that they aren’t taking the discrimination anymore.

Things are changing in America. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” ended last week, and now Americans can serve their nation without the fear or repercussions for being who they are. States all over are starting to allow gay marriages.

The pride event shows us that change is coming even in La.. Maybe full acceptance won’t happen for many years, but the pride event proves our community is moving in the right direction.

Congratulations to the LGBT community of North La. for its accomplishment this weekend. May it be the first of many, and may we soon have equality for all.