ULM Hawkeye

The word “cancer” can be devastating to those who are diagnosed.

With October now upon us, we take a moment to reflect on breast cancer awareness month and what it means to all of us.

Women, and even men, can fall victim to breast cancer.

With all of the different factors involved (the size of the tumor, the stage it is caught in, how quickly it grows, etc.), many people have to go through anything from surgery to chemotherapy or radiation and more.

It’s a hard road for anyone, but there is hope.

Breast cancer awareness reminds us of how we must all band together, even in the most difficult times. By knowing the enemy, we become less afraid, and victims of breast cancer can find the courage to band together and fight against the disease.

There is hope.

By celebrating breast cancer awareness, we raise public knowledge of this very real danger.

We increase the rates of detecting cancer sooner and help lead women towards a dependable and more permanent cure.

Next time you see a pink ribbon, remember that breast cancer awareness isn’t just about the merchandising or accessorizing.

It is about remembering those that have struggled through a tough fight, or are still in the battle with cancer, and helping them push through it.

By raising funds and participating in events like walk-a-thons for a cure, you show your support as one of the many that want to display their support for a disease that affects people worldwide.

Take a look on our cover page. We hope every time you see the pink ribbon, not only will you think of those people that need your support, but also people everywhere fighting with all kinds of cancers.

This month, think pink.

Breast cancer is no longer a stigma or something to be ashamed of.

We need to stand by the warriors who fight the hard fight and choose to courageously hold on to life in the face of peril.