Runoffs forced in homecoming elections

ULM Hawkeye

Final voting takes place Wednesday for king, queen


A runoff election for homecoming king and queen is scheduled for Wednesday.

Last week, students voted in the elections and chose all court representatives except for the top two spots.

The winners are listed below:


Freshman maids:

Gaylon Pierce and Raegan Trusty

Sophomore maids:

Kemper Block and Kristen Meier

Junior maids:

Kylie Stracener and Kelsey Williams


Senior maids will be represented by the two women who do not win queen.

Students also elected members of the freshman senate last week. The winners of the freshman senate elections and their respective colleges are listed below:



Cari Ainsworth and Christina Gray

Education/Human Development:

Mary Catherine Wilkersen, Rachel Hearn

Arts and Sciences:

Ashley Aulds and Lindsey Dartlon


Adrian LeJeune and Samantha Craig

Health Sciences:

Amanda Cook and Lauren Page


Congratulations to all of the homecoming court representatives and new senators for their accomplishments, and good luck to those who are still in the running for king and queen of the homecoming court.