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SGA president: We are ‘students serving students’

Dear Students,

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the elected voice of the ULM student body. As such, we are responsible for listening to the concerns of all students and taking action when deemed necessary. Many students expressed concern to SGA regarding their Natatorium Student Fee. It was suggested that student usage of the Lake C. Oxford Natatorium is low, and alternative options for its supporting fee should be considered. This prompted SGA to take a closer look at funding and usage of the Natatorium. Recent reports showed that nearly 90 percent of funding for the facility comes from students, yet students only account for approximately nine percent of the total usage. Since students do fund the vast majority of operation and maintenance costs of the Natatorium, SGA believes it to be only fair that decisions made in regards to the facility lie in students’ hands. We presented this information to the ULM Administration for their consideration. The administration provided support to SGA to continue with efforts to allow students to reevaluate their Natatorium Student Fee.

SGA then proceeded to gather ideas from students on how to most effectively use this fee. SGA leadership met with an architect to discuss these ideas and to develop a variety of options for the student body. An open forum was held on Oct. 17 for viewing of architectural renderings designed from these student ideas. As the community and its needs are important to SGA and ULM as a whole, we have also worked closely with community groups throughout this process. During the forum, community members also presented a proposal to attendees.

Within the next few weeks, final plans from ULM’s architect and the community will be displayed throughout campus. These plans and associated costs will then be placed on the ULM website. An online vote will allow students to vote on the option they feel best meets their needs.

As always, do not hesitate to contact SGA if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding this process or any other matter. SGA exists to serve you. We are “students serving students.”


Brooke Dugas

SGA President