ULM Hawkeye

Newspaper breaks barriers for the better

We at the Hawkeye exist as a student publication for the sake of carrying the news of the campus to all those that will hear us. The news is a message that carries both the good and the bad. We hope to lift up the good things and celebrate the successes that make our campus great. We even hope to commiserate and give the light of fellowship when our fellow students need a hand up from a low time. However, we also have the task of telling people what is going on in the most unbiased way possible. In the end, we are only the message. The result of the matter is left to the individual to decide.

We, as a staff, feel that over the semester, we have only continued to grow. Meeting with voices from the whole campus over, we have searched for answers and tried to become the means to change for the better. We always hope that things can improve if we can communicate freely together. Through thick and thin, we are happy to say that we have seen growth in our campus as well as our publication. We have really been brought together more as a campus, as a community and as a family. Family is about working together. We may not all get along, but we still have to look out for each other and do what is best for the family as a whole.

When an article was run about the crowding in the SUB dining areas last week, we quoted a student that suggested that if the tables were cleaned more quickly between meals, the crowding wouldn’t be as much of a problem. As a result, we have heard where Robert Hoag, food services director for Aramark at ULM, has made cleaning tables regularly a new priority.

Even the natatorium issue, which we have tried to keep up with all semester, has become a bridge for the campus and community to work together to decide what is best. With sports, news, entertainment, a great staff that works to reach to all corners of the campus and a loyal reader following, we feel that the answers to questions can quell chaos before it emerges or be the catalyst of great change.

The Hawkeye is the microphone. You, our lovely readers, are the voices that demand to be heard, and your voices are making great changes.

It is for this reason that the newspaper is run.

We represent a collective student voice. We merely do our best to collect the information of our campus and then project it out in a clear and understood message. By communicating with one another, we hope to reach a mutually satisfying end. We truly have one of the greatest campuses on earth. Let’s all make it our job to work together to make it the alma mater we can all be proud to know.