LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Ski punishment too harsh; return scholarships

ULM Hawkeye

There is an overwhelming consensus that this punishment is unjustified. To be a true leader, coach, boss or otherwise in charge of other peoples lives you must sometimes accept that decisions you have made were the wrong decisions.

I attended NLU, now ULM, as a ski tem member from 1981 through 1985. We were National champions all four years by a considerable margin. We had scholarships, and although we were a “club” sport, we received a tremendous amount of help from the university and the university athletic programs. We had no coach, just a wonderful advisor Dean of Students Thomas Murphy.

I think it was 1983 or 84 that we, as a club and because we were so successful, got the student body to vote and approve a $1 per head per semester fee for the ski team. We also secured deals with Mastercraft Boat Company to provide boats on an interest only loan at a very favorable cost. We were able to sell these boats at a profit. I think we went through about six boats one year making about $6000 extra besides the $12k or so we were getting form the student body, besides the extra money we were receiving from sponsors and our fund raising events which were many. I could go on an on about this but my point is that the new boat that the school bought is nothing new. I am out of touch on the funding, but I believe the student body would still be behind it and obviously are not behind booting the top skiers off the team.

Waterskiing is not a NCAA sport but more of a “lifestyle” sport that involves socializing as much as skiing. The collegiate waterski system is as valuable, if not more, as a social network for the future of these athletes as is the championship.

Treina, I hope you will rescind your wrong decision regarding Zack and Claudio, revise the rules to make them more realistic and clear and continue to strive for championship ski teams.

Lyle Perkins