SGA members put selves over students

ULM Hawkeye

According to the By-Laws of the ULM SGA, Article IV Section 1 and 2, it explicitly states that meeting’s format shall be taken from Robert’s Rules of Order and that only voting members of the Senate shall have debate privileges. however, from my mere presence at a SGA meeting, one could quickly discern that members of this particular organization are not following true to what they have on paper.

At this meeting, an executive officer was addressing and engaging in the debate with myself over a proposal regarding the student body. Another executive officer took the liberty of telling Senators to call a motion and then asking for a second to the motion. According to SGA’s own rules, this is highly unconstitutional. But there was little objection and order being followed.

I am not a Psychology major, and I do not aspire to be. However, I do understand that some SGA members are psychologically conditioned to think the same way. These members are engaged in a process of groupthink because they are in the same fraternity/sorority. I respect what students choose to do in their social life; however, what I do oppose is bigotry. I refuse to sit back and watch members of a highly respected student organization disrespect students by governing from within and not being engaged in critical debate over important student issues.

I refuse to turn an eye on such an essential subject. The SGA has a responsibility to hear student’s suggestions and concerns and then address them properly. I call upon every member of the SGA to stop the insular in his or her thinking. You all were elected to represent every student, even if these students are not apart of your Greek organization. Stop the impediments to student issues and return to or start following what you all put on paper in the Constitution and By-Laws.

Theo Shaw,

SGA Senator