Student journalists strive for gold

ULM Hawkeye

This weekend, “The Hawkeye” accomplished what we have strived toward for a year: proving we can compete with any university’s newspapers and journalism programs.
ULM’s student journalists proved our program can rival places like Alabama, Auburn and anywhere else in the South, besting them in several instances.
When those of us in ULM’s journalism program say we intend to be the premier university for journalism in Louisiana, we mean it. We’re showing that we can be.
Having not competed in many years, we entered the competitions blind on what to expect, and we still excelled.
“The Hawkeye” is proud to continue to garner increasing respect from our readers. That respect is spreading to our peers throughout the South, and they know ULM is now a force to  reckon with.
Anytime someone from ULM excels on a national level, it is a victory for the school. When “The Hawkeye” goes to the SEJC and stands toe-to-toe with the best in the South, it proves great things are going on at our university.
This weekend’s awards are a cause to celebrate not just the newspaper, but also the University as a whole. “The Hawkeye” was proud to represent ULM in such a big way and on such a prestigious stage.
As the journalism program continues to grow, we look forward to many more years of winning awards for ULM.