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The Fray- Album Review

On Feb. 7, 2012, American piano rock band, The Fray, debuted their third studio album entitled “Scars and Stories.” Based on the title alone, you would expect the  album to display songs of life experiences.

The album was expected to be a success and the guys didn’t fail to deliver debuting at number four on the Billboard Top 200 chart. With nearly three years of writing material and gaining inspiration along the way, the band did not disappoint.

The Fray managed to combine the personalities and lives of four individuals into 44 minutes of glory. With 12 tracks, the title spoke for itself. With songs like “Heartbeat” and “The Fighter,” you get a sense of love and compassion.

The band also gives songs like “The Wind” where you’re left to give your interpretation through their powerful lyrics followed by the inspiring “Run For Your Life.” All of the songs reflect experiences of life, ones that anyone could relate to.

It delivers an eclectic sound, providing something for everyone. Staying true to their sound with full instrumentation and story-telling lyrics, “Scar and Stories” is promising and sure to please the ears of all listeners.