Campus needs to be greener

ULM Hawkeye

ULM can be doing more to make the campus greener. We’re not necessarily advocating the removal of water bottles, but there are small changes that can be made to make a big difference.

Other campuses around the country have recycling bins next to every trash can. Some have recycling bins for paper in every classroom. Many have at least one environmentally conscious organization on campus to help promote greener lifestyles.

ULM falls behind in all of those things. Recycling bins for print cartridges and a few for bottles can be found around campus, but that’s about it.

The Garden Society recently honored ULM for it’s beautiful campus. If we hope to keep that kind of beauty, we have to do more to preserve the environment around us.

Look at the practical aspects of living greener. Fewer resources being used means less money being spent and less strain on landfills.

Our campus needs student leaders to step up and establish some sort of environmental organization. Various groups and individuals often do bayou cleanups, but it would be great if there were a central organization to consolidate those efforts.

The group could also work to ensure a ready supply of recycling bins in places other than the SUB or cafeteria. Adding paper recycling bins in classrooms is a small step but one that could yield big dividends for the environment.