The importance of casting your vote

The importance of casting your vote

ULM Hawkeye

The importance of voting cannot be stressed enough. As a country founded on principles of democracy and “For the people, by the people,” we should truly uphold our responsibility as citizen’s to elect our officials, both locally and nationally.

It has been easy to become lax in our voting. With no King George breathing down our necks, we don’t exactly feel the pressing need for democracy. However, that need is just as present.

It can be especially hard for young citizens to understand the importance of voting. Many see the news as something only their parents or grandparents keep up with. While you know about major newsbreaks, many students are in the dark about election campaigning, political candidates and the issues they represent.

Even though hearing the words “political candidate” sounds a bit like something out of a civics textbook, it is important for young people to know about these kinds of issues. What is also important is to get to know each candidate before voting.

If the election is local, do not simply vote for the man or woman you may know, or the person that your parents vote for. Explore your options for yourself. First, understand what you expect from the government, and then search out a candidate that upholds those values.