Help ULM fire victims

ULM Hawkeye

The five Nepali students who lost everything in the fire deserve our help as a campus community. The immediate response has been great by all accounts, but the donations don’t need to stop.

Both the emotional and financial expense of losing a home would be hard on anyone. Unlike the Nepali students, most of us around here have family we can fall back on in the event of a tragedy.

These fire victims are 8,000 miles from their home, and they are here in America without anything now. One of them lost all of his international documents, so he’s stuck here.

The future of his health insurance is also murky since he will likely have to withdraw from the University. He has a second-degree burn that will need treatment for the next six weeks.

We live in a generous community.  The response from people thus far has been great, but let’s keep up that type of support for the duration of their ordeal. Remember that the total donations will be split five ways, which helps limit how far the money can go.

They lost their books and their computers. How hard would it be to finish a semester without any of your notes or any means to study? Our guess is pretty difficult.

The International Student Organization is taking donations at their office in Hanna Hall. Mara Loeb, director of the ISO, said the students could really use old laptops, but money is also appreciated.

Let’s band together as a campus and help these students. They need all of the support we can give them.