Student says ULMPD made frivolous arrest

ULM Hawkeye

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to an incident reported in The News Star in which Sean Grimes, a (young black) man was arrested and taken to the OCC by a ULM police officer.  His crime?  No seat belt, and no inspection sticker.  I don’t know about you, but I feel safe knowing that the “highly trained” ULM police are willing to put their lives on the line to apprehend and put away such dangerous offenders.
The News Star reported that he was released on a $300 bond, $150 for both offenses.  What is most troubling about reading the affidavit (available online), is that it doesn’t appear that Mr. Grimes failed to provide a driver’s license, insurance, or registration.  It doesn’t say anything about Mr. Grimes being intoxicated, in possession of any illegal substance, or deadly weapon.
It is increasingly evident that law enforcement is becoming big business, a racket in my view, and that the police are glorified tax collectors who sometimes have to gall to pretend that they are defending our constitutional rights by abusing the very people they are sworn to serve.   Sometimes I wonder who the “menace to society” really is.
What will ULM’s administration do to assure students they will not be hauled off to jail for petty traffic offenses?  My guess is nothing; from the administration’s “business model” perspective, the speed trap ULM has been turned into probably looks like a good investment – but it’s one we pay for, and anyone who drives on this campus knows it’s true.
But I guess the police are “public servants” and thus immune to criticism.  Next time you see the ULMPD detaining dangerous students on their way to class, let them know how much you appreciate their service with a big thumbs up.  “Good job, cop.”

Joseph Roberts,
general studies major