‘Hawkeye’ staff leaving nest, spreading wings

ULM Hawkeye

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The Hawkeye bids farewell to several people who have been a big part of this paper’s success. We wish them happy futures.



Marjanovic has served as art director for the past two years. He was an instrumental part of the Hawkeye’s redesign in 2010.
During his career, he has won too many awards to count.
Marjanovic graduates magna cum laude in a few weeks with a degree in fine arts, concentrating in graphic design. After graduation, he plans to find a job and start a family with his wife.



Creekmore has worked as the managing editor for just one semester, but her contribution to the paper has been a true asset to the news staff.
Creekmore has a video production internship in Baton Rouge this summer After her internship, she will graduate with a degree in mass communication, concentrating in digital media. She plans to move to Los Angeles with her husband to become a TV producer.


Talley has been the sports editor for the last school year. During that time, he has routinely made the sports pages the most dynamic of the paper. He’s covered ULM sports in a way rivaled by none, winning several journalism awards in the process.
He graduates this May with a degree in mass communication, concentrating in journalism and digital media. He plans to travel Europe after graduation.


Pryor has been ad director for two years. In that time, Pryor has been one of the most successful ad salesmen in “Hawkeye” history.
Pryor has been around for many changes in the “Hawkeye’s” recent history.
Pryor graduates in May with a degree in biology. He plans to go to work for one of his father’s companies doing what he does best: making money.


Hargrove served as editor in chief last fall. Since then, she has rountinely contributed to the paper with powerful editorial cartoons and graphs.
Hargrove graduates this May with a degree in fine arts, concentrating in graphic design.
At the end of the summer, she will begin an internship in Orlando, Fla., at Disney World, fulfilling a lifelong dream of working for the company.