Hawkeye P.O.V

ULM Hawkeye

Thank you readers for great school year

The editorial board is proud to have been a part of an exciting year at ULM. Through the ups, the downs and everything in between, our readers could count on the “Hawkeye” to be there with them through it all.
We’re not finished yet. Though this may be the last print issue of the paper for the school year, the news never sleeps. Be sure to continue to check online for news over the final weeks of the semester.
This has been a banner year for the “Hawkeye.” We had a new format and a new goal: Become the best college paper. We aren’t there yet, but we’ve taken big strides in that direction.
This newspaper competed in several journalism competitions for the first time in many years, and we won awards in all of them. It took a lot of work for us to get to that point, and we plan to continue growing.
But what matters more to us than awards is becoming a legitimate source of news for the readers on the ULM campus. We are glad our readers have noticed that the “Hawkeye” can give news and information that affects their lives and that they can’t get anywhere else.
A dedicated staff had a lot to do with our growth this year. We spend nearly every weekend of the semester working to bring you the news. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
There will be some new faces around the newsroom next year, but they will be building a very firm foundation left by those of us who are graduating.
Thank you, readers, for being there with us throughout this year. We look forward to serving you and the ULM community for many more.
Have a great summer everybody! We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.