Hawkeye POV: Budget cuts can be opportunity to do more

ULM Hawkeye


We could argue for the next decade about who’s to blame for all the cuts taken by higher education in this state, but that would be counter productive.

The Hawkeye is aware of the challenges ULM is facing with, but we think it is time to take the hand we’ve been dealt and learn how to use it the best way we can.  It’s not about controlling the waves. It’s about learning how to surf.

ULM’s 9.1 percent cut does not mean we need to complain eight percent more than normal.  It means we need to be 9.1 percent more creative. Complaining solves nothing.

The Hawkeye thinks that some of the brightest students in the state attend this university, so there is no reason we cannot find a way to survive and thrive in this monetary drought.

Instead of wasting time on petty politics and playing the blame game, we can lead the way for the rest of the universities in Louisiana.  This is a chance for ULM to come out on top. Being proactive is all we can do. Otherwise, we’re going to dig ourselves into an even deeper hole.

We know it’s hard to win a drag race on a bicycle, but that should not stop us from trying.

Let’s take a note from President Nick Bruno. He’s looking on the bright side of things. Instead of laying blame on legislators and the state’s administration, Bruno is touting the accomplishments of ULM over the past year.

ULM is able to admit better freshmen due to increased ACT scores. It also has produced more undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students than in previous years.

Our graduation rate has increased five percent in the past two years, and the overall academic performance improved from fiscal year 2010-2011 to fiscal year 2011-2012.

Members of our faculty have received numerous awards over the summer break. Such as Debra Craighead, a member of the College of Nursing faculty, who received the 2012 Novice Researcher Award from the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses.

Students of ULM also brought home many awards, including this publication, which won seven awards from the Louisiana Press Association.

Our alumni carry many achievements with them as well. One ULM alum became the head of the National Weather Service this summer. Another became the first female general in the Louisiana National Guard.

All of this goes to show that it’s not how big the budget is, but how big our dedication is. We have done many things just in the past few months at ULM. Let’s go on to do more than ever before.

As long as we stay strong as a ULM family and keep fighting, we’re more likely to come out of these times stronger with our heads held high.

ULM has a lot to be proud of.  It’s time we all look at the cuts as an opportunity to do more with less rather than an excuse to do less.