Hawkeye POV: Akin’s remarks deserve scrutiny, not threats

ULM Hawkeye

Warhawk Express adds 14 locations Missouri Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin made an ill-advised remark about rape last week.  The congressman’s judgement is definitely in question in this situation.

“It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down,” Akin said.

Obviously that was a ridiculous claim to make. Even saying it calls into question his competency to be a U.S. senator.

What senate candidate would make a remark like that, when Republicans already have a hard time getting the women’s votes?

However, The Hawkeye condemns the actions and remarks of those calling for the rape of Akin. Simply because he said something factually inaccurate and incredibly insensitive does not mean he should be raped or physically harmed.

The singer Cher is just one of many well known people to take to the social networks calling for Akin to be raped.

“Kama train 4 [email protected] let Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS.Nothing will happen, right?Body shuts down as defense mechanism Idiots, (sic),” tweeted Cher. 

Cher’s comments are mild compared to some other ones that are not fit for print.  Many even called for Akin and his family to be raped and murdered. 

The Freedom of Speech includes the freedom to say stupid, wrong or crazy things, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.  Akin’s comments are protected by that.  While the Hawkeye agrees that he should be tried in the court of public opinion, we also think that calling for physical harm to him for something he said is wrong.