Faculty, students getting adjusted to new system


ULM Hawkeye

Banner replaced Arrow as the main operating and data system for ULM starting Fall 2010. The change from Arrow to Banner was not a welcomed one from students.

Grad student Constance Hall said, “I do not like the set up at all. It will definitely take some getting used to.”

Although the change was unwelcomed, it was necessary. According to ULM’s Department of Academic Affairs the company that provided services for Arrow chose to discontinue its support of the system.

Arrow would no longer be receiving updates and the university did not have the people or resources to update the system itself.

A search was completed by different departments, such as the Computing Center, in order to find a system that would best fit the needs of the University.

“Banner is a web-based system and it will take time for people to adapt,” said Eric Pani, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

“We’re all learning how to find things on the system it is a learning process,” he said.

Banner also makes it easier to get into the database and because information is stored, students no longer have to repeatedly put information into the system.

“Banner is just a different way of doing things. The key is investing time and learning where to look for the information you need,” Pani said.

“Many people had the same feeling when the university switched from Blackboad to Moodle a few years ago but once everyone gets used to it they’ll see that its great,” he continued.

Different departments including the Controller’s Office, the Registrar’s Office and the Computing Center have had to go many hours with no additional pay to get the system up and running properly for Fall.

Needless to say, Banner is here to stay.