Letter to the Editor: ULM’s response to Isaac needed to ensure safety

ULM Hawkeye

I just wanted to give you a little perspective on the Isaac situation that you may not have been privy to before writing your article.
The weather reports were predicting far worse weather than we received. In cases such as that, we have to consider the safety of the students.
ULM cannot wait until it gets bad before making a decision. If someone gets injured traveling to or from the school because of waiting to make the decision until the bad weather began, ULM could be posited as liable.
Also, you may not have heard, but many faculty and staff members, especially those who live in the garden district, were without power for days because of the storm.
I know one faculty member who was unable to leave his home for two days because there were live wires down in his neighborhood and Entergy was too overwhelmed to get to it quickly.
Anyway, I just thought you might find some of that interesting! I know there are a lot of factors that go into decisions around here that are not really common knowledge for students.
Laura Knotts
Vice President of Student Affairs