Relationship coach gives dating advice to students

ULM Hawkeye

Ryan Clauson lived up to his title as Dating Coach, Body Language Expert and YES! Comedian.  With his new book, “The Nine Rules of Attraction,” he gives the unfortunate “dating impaired” a step-by-step guide to meeting people and maintaining relationships.

Clauson shared his knowledge in front of students in Brown Auditorium. He said body language, tone of voice and words are three things that can make or break a first impression.

“Focus on the person being attractive, not you being attractive to them.” said Clauson. He continued by saying to ask what they’re passionate about and get to the general stuff later.

A person who is really into you will face you so watch that belly button. “If their belly button is turned away from you, then they are not attracted to you,” he said.

Clauson said by doing simple things like motivating yourself and building up your confidence, you will see a change not only in yourself but the people around you, so live in the moment.