Hawkeye POV: Game day not only time to show Warhawk pride


ULM Hawkeye

Friday, 31,175 students and fans showed up to support the Warhawk football team in its game against Baylor, setting an attendance record for Malone Stadium.

The Hawkeye is very proud of the student body and the Monroe community for turning out in droves for the Warhawks.

Although ULM fell by a mere five points to the Bears, the fan involvement made up for the disappointing loss. 

The fan involvement, not just during the game, but also before in the Grove, gave a glimpse into a world where ULM athletics has the power to unite the entire community. All they need is the Warhawks to keep playing as well in their conference as they have against the Southeastern Conference and Baylor.

The tailgating atmosphere gave way for an opening of school pride that the campus hasn’t seen in decades. With nearly everyone in their white shirts, it was nice to not see another university represented by the ULM fans.

When the fans started pouring into the stadium, one couldn’t help but feel the pride of being a Warhawk. Then to see the number blasted upon the big screen really put a frame around the throngs of white dots in the Hawks Nest.

ULM students and members of the Monroe community are finally catching on to the idea that increased fan support equals a better performing team.

The Hawkeye can’t imagine being a player and trying to make the fans proud, while having to see the students and fans wear a LSU, or worse a Louisiana Tech shirt to class or a game.

Students should be proud of their university for the many accomplishments it’s made, not only on the field but in the classroom as well.

There is no excuse for the undergraduates at this school to sport another team’s colors.

The Hawkeye thinks that the spirit of the Baylor game should be shown at every home game and the students should be proud to wear the maroon and gold every week.

We are all Warhawks. We all pay good money to go here. We all should be proud of our investment in ULM. When you wear another school’s colors, you’re not simply showing support for them, you’re degrading your own decision to attend ULM.

The university has a lot going for it right now and offers plenty of reasons for the students and community to be proud.

Just a few weeks ago the university announced the freshman class is the largest and highest scoring in the history of ULM.  The football team played some great games over the past three weeks and is looking to play even better for the rest of the season.

As we mentioned in a previous POV, our faculty and students are receiving awards and recognition from across the country and so are our athletics. This includes Warhawk quarterback Kolton Browing winning ESPN’s player of the week and Warhawk baseball, which won the Sun Belt Conference tournament championship last spring.

There is no reason for students at ULM to not radiate with pride for being a Warhawk.

It will be interesting to see if the community suffocates Malone Stadium again for the next home game. But it will be even more interesting to see if students keep the Warhawk fever that’s gone viral over the past few weeks.