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Avoid party loyalty. Vote alternative voice

Cooper Doyle

April 4, 2016

This election certainly has been an unusual one. Most perplexing to me is how we reached the “but you gotta vote for our nominee to stop the other nominee” stage of energizing the base. Because nothing gets people out to the...

Sorority hosts voting rights forum to inform

Corlyn Key

April 4, 2016

The ladies of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta chapter held a Voter’s Right’s seminar last Wednesday night called “Change is Gonna Come.” The seminar contained valuable information for potential voters. Senior Pharmacy...

Current special session news

ULM Hawkeye

March 7, 2016

Although both the Louisiana House and Senate have approved to increase the state’s sales tax by an additional cent to help fill the budget gap, it seems as though that may not be enough. There is now a proposal in the House ...

State, local politics affect everyday life

Cooper Doyle

March 7, 2016

Local and state politics matter. That shouldn’t be news. That shouldn’t be my thesis. I shouldn’t be spending hundreds of words arguing this point. It should be self-apparent. Look at Flint, Michigan. There’s a whole cit...

Stop partisan politics

Olivia Sage

February 29, 2016

A few weeks ago Louisiana students across the state woke up knowing they had TOPS. When they went to bed that night, some were unsure if they’d be able to keep it. Why?  The Louisiana budget just isn’t working anymore and something has...

Voters hold power to nation’s future

Karissa Smtih

January 25, 2016

Politics. Interesting, boring? Maybe it prompts tasteless memories of your great-uncle rambling on (and on) at family events. It’s not for you, and your vote doesn’t count anyway, right? Well actually, voters have a...

Gender plays no role in best suited for presidency

Carmen Blackwell

April 26, 2015

Don’t allow the “Hillary Clinton for President” bandwagon to hold you hostage. If you’re an anxious political activist such as myself, you know the importance in voting for the candidate who will lead America—the land...

Jindal’s Agenda anti-student

Joshua Fauver

March 8, 2015

As college students we’ve all heard or read about Louisiana’s cuts to higher education funding by now, but few of us probably know just how bad those budget cuts have been. Since taking office, Governor Bobby Jindal has cut n...

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