Calhoun discusses new plans for SGA

Tyler Smith

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As Marc Calhoun enters his senior year and his new position as SGA president, nothing has changed. He’s bleeding maroon and gold now more than ever.

Calhoun has proudly worn the school colors during his college career and is excited to rub off his school pride on incoming freshman.

“It’s all we have,” said Calhoun, a senior biology major. “We want to make ULM memories last for a lifetime.”

Calhoun said the first week of school is the time to start.

The annual Week of Welcome is this week and is packed with fun activities, including Calhoun’s favorite, Spirit Day.

Calhoun said it will be on Monday this year, rather than the usual Friday.

“Just because we feel like more people are on campus and are usually running around trying to get things done,” Calhoun said.

He said lunch will also be provided every day this week by different organizations on campus. Planners will also  be handed out throughout the week “to help incoming freshman stay organized,” said Calhoun.

Edidiong Udofia is excited about Calhoun’s plans to increase  spirit on campus.

“It’s someting that should be done because it’s kind of hard for some people, especially introverts to get involved,” said Udofia, a junior biology major.

Udofia said getting more interaction from students is a great way to make them feel welcome.

But getting students comfortable is just the beginning of Calhoun’s plans.

He said freshman and returning students can expect to see more of the SGA on campus.

“You will see us in our SGA polo’s trying to get everyone’s input about trying to make this a better ULM,”Calhoun said.

Calhoun said he is fully aware of issues such as the recent tuition increase and how cuts in higher education are affecting the campus.

However, he wants students to be encouraged despite those circumstances.

“Come here and be ready to have fun,” said Calhoun. “Stay focused and don’t let anything keep you from getting your degree.”