SGA seeks print solution

Olivia Barfield

The student government further discussed the new printing system last Tuesday at their regular business meeting.

At the very beginning of the semester, pharmacy students approached SGA about the new printing system. They noticed the system charging them differently for prints.

It appeared that the new system charged 1.5 prints for a page printed front and back, instead of just 1 print for the same thing like the old system had.

This meant that students could not print as much with the old system, which was especially unfortunate for pharmacy students.

“We need all the pages we can get,” said Geena Nellis, a year-three pharmacy student.

Laura Jennings, SGA adviser, contacted people associated with the system change and received new information on the situation.

Jennings said according to Chance Eppinette, director at ULM computing center, the new system counts the number of impressions on the page, not the sides of the paper.

Along with the new charging system there is a new wireless print feature and account tracker online.

“You may have noticed that there’s a new thing under Campus Systems when you log into myULM called ‘myPRINT,’” said SGA senator Dylan Crowell, “it tracks all your printing.”

SGA’s budget remained at $69,470.71 with no change from last week.