Women cheer each other on at forum

Mariah Mitchell

This year for Alpha Kappa Alpha week the AKA’s brought us many different events including a women’s empowerment forum on Wednesday in the SUB Ballrooms.

The forum, called “Pretea Girls Rock,” was open to all females on campus. It was a discussion for females to express themselves and their views on some of the topics at hand.

The forum was organized in different topics, and random ladies were handed a card and on it had a question for each specific topic. After starting with an ice breaker they jumped right into their discussion.

The topics of the night were; life after college, finding love, setting goals, choosing the right major, organizing finances, and lately social acts.

Jo’Hillard, a senior nursing major, said, “the vision behind the forum was to think about things that really affect us women in college and some of the things that we go through.”

The room was full of about 50 young women who all offered advice on how to deal with certain situations and no matter what life throws your way keep pushing.

“We wanted to have the women come together and share their stories or their advice about how to handle something that they maybe have already gone through, Hillard said.

Bria Mays, a senior biology major, said, “I really enjoyed the forum, it’s important to let women know that you’re great and your character and leadership and how you respond to others are the things that define you.”

The topic of the night that got the biggest reaction was “finding love”, that seemed to be the topic that everyone had something positive to say about no matter their relationship status.

The objective of the forum was more than to just inspire young women but to really get them to open their eyes and realize that even though you’re young you can still be successful and accomplish anything you set your mind to.

“I want to inspire women to believe that they can be whatever they want to be.” Hillard said.

By the end of the night all of the young women walked away with hug smiles and plenty of thank yous were received. Everyone seemed to have connected with one other female in the room that night.