Hawkline’s spirit large in Texas

Josh Dean

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The Hawkline is known for bringing excitement and energy to our basketball and football games.

During breaks and timeouts they’ll dance onto the court or into the endzone and show off a quick hip-hop or jazz number.

Smiles adorn their faces as they pump the crowd up and generate applause for the home team.

Well now its our turn to congratulate them as they gave a performance that demonstrated what true spirit is all about.

Several weeks back they competed at the American Collegiate Dance Championship in Denton, Texas.

Going up against schools such as the University of Texas, Baylor, and Southern Methodist University they brought home the 1st place trophy and national title in Division 1A Hip Hop.

They also brought home 3rd place in Jazz.

But, the real victory was found in the perserverance they showed in the face of daunting obstacles.

The flooding that occured in Monroe left the team unable to practice a new hip hop routine until the Monday before competition.

Senior captain Anna Haman and her family also suffered water damage to their home.

The way in which they rallied to each other and fought for their goal should be a lesson to us all.

Despite the adversity which was placed before them their spirit never wavered.

They found strength in each other, and reflected the resilience shown by so many members of Monroe and other parishes during the national disaster that struck us.

So, well done hawkline.

You gave us a reminder of what being a Warhawk and part of the ULM community is all about.