Wingspan: Student organizations have new way to connect

Madison Bryan

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Joining an organization on campus is beneficial in many ways. It can help bring students together, encourage a higher GPA due to requirements, improve a resume, provide something else to do besides going to class or home and overall helps take stress away from homework and exams.

Wingspan, a program hosted by Campus Labs, aims to help students by allowing them to immediately access and browse all of their affiliated campus groups. Members will easily be able to find whatever they are interested in by typing and inputting just a few keywords.

Maegan Lee, Assistant Coordinator for Student Life is helping make Wingspan work.

 “It should be easy for freshmen to go onto Wingspan and search for keywords that they’re interested in and find all of the organizations and upcoming events on campus, Lee said. “I really hope this helps to bring our campus together.”

This system is an updated version of Atlas that is set to launch in the next two weeks. It will keep track of all the events and organizations on campus along with who participates and for how long. Each group will have their own online agenda and messaging board for announcements.

The program is managed by five people: Maegan Lee, the Assistant Coordinator for Student Life, Sonni Bennett, the Office Manager and Hawkline Coach, Brian Taylor, the IT Project Manager for the Computing Center, Emily Essex, the Director of Student Life & Leadership and Clarence Nash Jr., a student worker in Student Life.

Sonni Bennett also praised the usefulness of Wingspan.

 “It is just a way more beneficial and effective way to manage your extracurriculars all on one site.”

Clarence Nash Jr., a senior double majoring in Risk Management & Insurance and Marketing, is unique in that as a student worker, he is not just running errands and filing paperwork. Nash is playing a huge role in setting up this program. He has worked with faculty, alumni and students over the summer and has high hopes for the success of the new and improved version of Atlas.

 The more proactive organizations, students and advisors have already gone through Wingspan and explored what it could do, and I encourage every other group to do the same!” Nash said.

Students can visit the Wingspan program at and check out the new and exciting addition to ULM. Everyone can now ­look at all of the possible organizations to join as this system improves communications, processes and the university.