Students react to smoking policy

ULM Hawkeye

The days of smoking on campus will soon come to an end.

A new policy will almost entirely eliminate tobacco use on campus.

Tobacco use will not be allowed on the west side of campus (west of the bayou) except in personal vehicles.

The east side will also be tobacco free, excluding the Grove and outside areas no less than 35 feet from buildings.

“I personally feel like ULM should promote a tobacco free campus. I hate cigarette smoke, and I don’t want to walk behind people who are smoking,” said Hannah Elias, a sophomore psychology major from Monroe.

Elias hopes the policy will cut down littering. Improperly discarding cigarette butts and other tobacco products might result in fines.

The tobacco use policy states its purpose as follows: “The University of Louisiana at Monroe is committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy work and academic environment. To enable the University to fulfill this commitment, it is necessary that a policy be implemented to bring the University to as close to tobacco free as practicably possible.”

Not all students think the plan will succeed.

“I think it will fail. The policy would do better if they reserved certain places in numerous spots that were covered where smokers could go after class,” said Lee Beasley, a junior general studies major from Rayville.

Raymond Swalley, a junior communication studies major from Metairie, is another student who believes that the policy will fail and that no one will pay attention to it, just like the current 25 feet rule.

Agree with it or not, the changes are coming. The new policy will take effect on April 2.