Do more than just watch debates

ULM Hawkeye

The presidential debates are underway, and most of you have watched the clown show as you try to decide which nominee to vote for, if you haven’t already.
During these debates, there is always an abundance of what the candidates call “facts” thrown back and forth as they try to undermine the other candidate’s claims.

Though the debates try cover each candidate’s various stances on policies and ideas, you still need to do your own research.

There is always plenty of information available.
For example, during a debate there is usually instant fact-checking going on at major news organizations that is made readily available for anyone who wants to see it.
As far as your stances on the issues go, you need to actually make sure you know what these issues are.
There are a lot of important decisions that will be made in the White House besides gun laws and immigration that many Americans aren’t even aware of.

You also need to do a little soul-searching to be sure that your stances are your own, and not what your parents, teachers and friends have told you all your life.

Stay informed, everyone.