Humility makes great leaders

ULM Hawkeye

An arrogant leader is not a good leader.

Humbleness is a trait desperately needed for our country to run successfully. At times there will be things said about our president that he or she may not like.

It would not do well for them to speak out about every injustice they receive.

On the other side of that prisim whenever our president does something spectacular and other nations praise them for it, they should not appear too boastful.

Although there is no such thing as perfection, a leader who can keep their wits about them will go far. They should also be able to admit when they have messed up.

Everyone makes mistakes throughout their lifetime yet it is how you deal with your mistakes that determines how people will react to them.

If you make a mistake and deny that it was in fact a mistake the American people will not forgive you for trying to decieve them.

However, if you ask for the forgiveness of the people, depending on how egregious your mistake was, they would be more accepting and possibly forgive you much quicker.

When selecting your vote in the upcoming election, think carefully about which candidate exudes the most humility, that is the candidate you should want sitting in the Oval office.