Don’t let this election ruin relationships

ULM Hawkeye

It’s finally over. Our president-elect has been chosen. Some of us are upset. Some are celebrating. No matter what, we must remember who we are.

is race has tested all of us, however, we need to remain diligent. Remember to be cordial to one another.
Just because someone doesn’t agree with your views on politics

doesn’t automatically make them your enemy.

Everyone had their reasons for voting for who they felt was the best candidate. It is not your place to judge them for their decision.

It doesn’t matter if you voted republican and a close friend or co- worker voted democrat, or vice versa. The ties that initially bound you were not the based on politics and you should not let politics break them.

If you were on the losing end of the election, it may be harder to let go of the anger and hurt, but in order for our country to rise above the animosity and hate, you have to accept the vote.

The deed is done and there is no changing it. Our country will be facing some tough times as we fight to unify what the long 16-month battle has broken, but we can overcome it.

The media has shown the public outcry at the outcome of the election. Some of you may be thinking about showing solidarity with those individuals by creating your own.

While the first amendment gives you that right, we would like to remind you all that there is a huge difference between protesting and rioting.

Rioting will solve absolutely nothing. Rise above the hate and remember that love will always trump hate.