Celebrities react to Trump’s victory


Cory Thaxton

As we all know, Donald Trump won the presidential election this past Tuesday. And I will just say, a lot of celebrities were absolutely not okay with it.

Obviously I can’t name every celebrity and what they said, but I would just like to focus on the ones that I overwhelmingly agreed with. Other than that, I will try to keep an open mind.

After the election, former Disney star Miley Cyrus posted a video of herself literally crying over the results.

She expressed how much she supported everyone in this election except Trump. She fully supported Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Cyrus said that she believes Clinton, in her lifetime, should be the rst female president, and that’s what makes her sad because Clinton deserves it and has fought for our country for so long.

I couldn’t agree more. Throughout the entire election I kept saying Clinton is going to win because it was her time, it was her turn. You can’t stop history, and its time for our first woman president. I wasn’t really worried at all.

I was also devastated as I was watching
the election results on CNN. As it got closer to then end and it was clear that Trump was actually going to win, I almost cried myself.

I was heartbroken. What makes me sad is, I know how much she loves this country, and

I know how much she really wanted to be a president for all Americans. I know that when she realized she wasn’t going to win, she was heartbroken herself.

Cyrus just wants everyone to be hopeful and she thanks Clinton for inspiring all of us. Many other celebrities took to Twitter to share their frustrations about the election results, calling it a nightmare and an embarrassment. Some expressed that they are scared and others inspired people not to be influenced by hate.

I agree with them as well. I am, in fact, scared. Especially being a young, black male who is about to graduate college and go out into the real world where the results of this election will directly affect me.

Actress, comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler sat down with Senator Barbara Boxer to talk about the election on her Netflix talk show “Chelsea.”

Handler broke down in tears over Trump’s win.

She said as a woman it feels “so sexist.” The message she wants to spread to other women is not to give up because it is easy to throw in the towel and say I’m going to leave.

She even said she wants to move to Spain but people on her team told her “no, you need to be here. You have a voice and you need to use it.”

“The language he used during this candidacy should disqualify someone from being a candidate for president. If you’re caught lying on camera three times in a row and referring to woman’s genitalia, those are non-presidential things,” Handler said and I couldn’t agree more.

The language he used regarding blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, gays and many more is unacceptable. For that alone he shouldn’t be our president. e president is supposed to want what’s best for all American’s. If all he does is reject and belittle people, why the heck is he going to be in office?

Sen. Boxer mentioned that he is the only candidate in U.S. history to not release his tax returns she says that’s ridiculous.

Both Handler and Sen. Boxer agree that we all need to be hopeful.

I agree with that as well.

We have all heard of the “ fight-or- flight” response. Well, we fought and now we want to fly.

But we all should at least be hopeful that something good will come out of this. We can’t just give up because that’s exactly what the people saying these hateful things want us to do.

Speak up, use your voice and keep moving forward.