Police shouldn’t be harmed

In Shreveport, a female police officer, Chateri Payne, was shot and killed in her own home.  This horrible incident occurred while she was getting ready to go in for her shift.

In 2018, 88 police officers were killed and in January alone, seven officers already died. So far this year, on average, a police officer is killed every two days. This already is too many officers killed and we’re only in January.

Police officers risk their lives every day to protect their city and those who live in it, but now they cannot even feel safe in their own homes. Even though they know it is a very risky job, they still fight to protect   our city.

In the recent years, there has been much controversy over police brutality. Many citizens have been angered by police brutality and started riots in Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and many  other places.

While many incidents occurred where police officers used too much force, many police officers want to protect every life. Many police officers are bothered that citizens are afraid of them, they are angry when other police officers use police brutality and they try to avoid using force.

Police officers are scared too. They don’t want to hurt the citizens of their town, but when a situation occurs that could be dangerous, they have to protect themselves and those  around them.

It’s human nature to protect and defend ourselves and those around us. If we feel threatened, we fight to defend ourselves. Sometimes, police officers use their weapons to            protect themselves.

Most police officers don’t want to hurt anyone. If they feel like they must defend themselves, they will protect themselves and those near them.

Police officers do care. They care for those in their city, their loved ones and getting home each night to their kids. They don’t want their citizens to be afraid of what could happen if they get pulled over. Sometimes, they just want to make sure you are okay.

Most police officers don’t want to use force. They aren’t racist, but the police officers who are racist cast the image that they all are.

ULM police officers care for each student; they want to keep us safe from any dangers that could occur. They immediately show up when students call. We should be thankful for police officers who do care for             all students.

All lives matter in every situation. I feel such sorrow for each person who has lost a family member from a shooting- whether it be the police officer or the citizen who dies. No one deserves to lose a loved one. Every person deserves to have a life and be able to live it as long as possible.

Be cooperative with a police officer if you are pulled over; it will make everything go smoother for you and for them. Thank a police officer for the service they do to protect your city and loved ones from danger.

Maybe by being cooperative and being appreciative, this will lessen police brutality and one day police brutality will not even exist. If we end the image of police brutality, police won’t be harmed by others who are angered by this image.