Community service needed for graduation


College students really have a lot on their plate. We all have homework, jobs and groups we are involved in and a social life.
But many high school students have a lot going on too. They normally have to go to school from eight to three. They are also involved in groups on campus, have homework and a social life.
Many high schools require students to do community service in order to graduate. Universities should require students to volunteer in order to graduate as well.
While volunteering and serving your community may seem to some a waste of time, it really isn’t. It benefits you and your community in multiple ways.
First, it can help improve your resume. It shows a potential employer that you are dependable even for situations that don’t really involve you.
Second, it can help with your academic grades. A study done by New York University said that students who were involved in service groups and sports do better in school.
Also, volunteering helps you create a network with those in your community and potential employers. Because of 31 Ambassadors, I have met multiple alumni that are successful in their jobs and businesses. This could benefit me in the future when I try to find a job. Not only does volunteering help you find a job in the future, it could also help you find an internship during college.
Another reason to be involved in community service is to help your health. In a study done by the National and Community Service, those who volunteered had multiple health benefits. Volunteers were less likely to deal with depression and had lower mortality rates.
Lastly, you have helped yourself and those around you. By volunteering at homeless shelters, animal shelters, nursing homes and after school programs, it gives you the opportunity to feel better about yourself. This may seem selfish, but it’s okay to feel good about yourself.
Those in need also really appreciate what you do for them. They may not know that your true intentions are for a class or an organization, but they are still thankful that you helped at all.
Try to make it more about them than about you. What I mean by this is, talk to them. Listen to their stories because they may want others to hear about them.
From mission trips and community service opportunities, I have met so many different people with different backgrounds and stories. It really helps you look at your situation and realize how minimal it is compared to what they’ve been through.
It should be a requirement to do community service to graduate from college.